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GoBlog Theme

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To promote GoBlog Theme, do the following:

  • On that page, make a request to promote the product as an affiliate.
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IMPORTANT: The launch date is set to April 28rd 2012, 09.00 AM EST, so you won’t be able to promote until that time.

Please note that I can bump the commission rate for you if you ask for it, but you have to be able to send a lot of targeted traffic.

Swipe Emails:

Message #1

Subject: GoBlog Theme Is Live!
Subject: New Theme: GoBlog Theme – Flexible and Multipurpose WordPress Theme Ever!

Message Body:


There’s a brand new theme that just hit the scene,
this theme is specifically designed for bloggers, internet marketers and WordPress lover:


There are many cool features in this theme:

  • Customized logo, header and favicon.
  • Header ad ready.
  • Custom header image and background image.
  • Custom sidebar.
  • Author box ready.
  • Social icons ready.
  • Google font ready.
  • Costum heading tag.
  • Multi layout style e.g. magazine style, video gallery, multi column, etc.
  • Tracking option wizard ready
  • and many more..

Just see the demo here:

To Your Success!

Message #2

Subject: [NEW] GoBlog Theme – Make Your Blog Totally Different and Professional!

Subject: New Hot Premium WP Theme

Message Body:

I just have to alert you about this brand new
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Add this theme into your arsenal and compare
how it performs to your other themes!


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Make Sure You are Promoting Exactly on Thursday April 28th 9AM EST!

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